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The Value of Our Intergenerational Environment

Kendal at Oberlin - Tuesday, May 24, 2011
The Value of our Intergenerational Environment

      Whenever I pass down the hall at Kendal I'm forced to stop and check out the displays by the Day Care Center. Such great photos and pictures of small children having fun with some of our oldest residents here at Kendal at Oberlin. Actually, the photos of these young, cheerful, friendly faces show how these children bring recognition and smiles to folks who often don't have much to smile about. One photo is of a lovely, brilliant woman whose Alzheimer's disease has taken away not only her memory, but also the cheerful friendliness she once had. And in the photo she is reaching out, smiling and being touched by a sweet child who doesn't know her new friend has any limitations. Priceless.
      We Kendal residents are touched in many ways by these lively young ones - when they ride by in their Big Red Stroller and smile and wave, when they join us in the pool for a swim, when they climb on a lap for a story. Many a lonely person gets pulled out of their sadness when the giggles and hollers and chatter of the children fills their attention and replaces their self absorption.
      Kendal's intergenerational environment helps ensure Kendal is a Special Place for us all.

Anne Elder
Chairman of Program Committee